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I see that PortAudio handle ASIO, why jammr isn't build with it ?

I see two advantage for using ASIO :

My audio device is capable of less than 5ms latency in ASIO, but is a lot slower with other audio API.
With ASIO 4 All I can select an input device different from the output device.
I see in other part of the forum that ASIO support isn't include because it is not ok with GPL.

I have a better idea wich can solve many problem i found : provide vst plugin version of jammr. In that way you let the DAW handle the audio driver part and you have all the DAW power to add your effect, multi instrument and so on
Hi gc,
ASIO4ALL is a WDM-KS to ASIO adapter and just uses WDM-KS itself. Therefore it cannot do better than WDM-KS.

jammr should be able to achieve the same latency as ASIO4ALL because they both use WDM-KS. However, it is possible that jammr's WDM-KS support has an issue with your sound card that prevents it from achieving optimal latency.

Can you feel latency when using WDM-KS with jammr compared with ASIO4ALL?

If not, then don't worry about the numbers (there are several reasons why they might not correspond to the actual latency).

If yes, then please connect to a jam session and copy-paste the technical information that is displayed when you go to Help | Show log so I can take a look at the audio configuration details.

With ASIO 4 All I can select an input device different from the output device.

You can select different input and output devices in jammr. They must have a sample rate in common.

If you are unable to select the devices you want, please copy-paste the output of Help | Show log and post it here so I can take a look at the audio configuration.

It is possible to use ASIO starting from jammr 1.2.91 beta.

There is a guide here.
Hi @stefanha nice to see the ASIO support. Unless I am missing something, there is no way to trigger the ASIO driver settings from within Jammr – do you think it would be possible to add that? ASIO4ALL has removed any way of accessing the settings “offline” (i.e. from outside the host application that is using the driver) so for systems that would like to use Jammer + ASIO4ALL it seems currently like there is no way to configure the ASIO driver itself (maybe some other ASIO drivers can work without any configuration)
Thanks for letting me know about the issue, craftyjon. I have added it to the todo list. I remember an ASIO-specific way of opening the driver configuration dialog. It wasn't included in jammr because I expected ASIO driver to configuration to happen outside the application.

Regarding ASIO4ALL, does jammr's WDM-KS audio system support work? ASIO4ALL is an adapter from WDM-KS to ASIO, so in theory nothing is gained by using it - jammr should behave the same (if not better) with the native WDM-KS driver that ASIO4ALL uses.
You are right, ASIO4ALL does not break out many more settings than are exposed by Jammr directly (sample rate, buffer size etc) so maybe it is not so important. I checked through a few other ASIO drivers I have and none of them would be a showstopper to use without the dedicated driver configuration dialog available, since Jammr allows selecting channels, sample rate, and buffer size (latency)
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