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Apperrently they got a new jammer in beta that looks like what your askin about.
i managed to get a screenshot of it.
Haha, HighAction

It's easy to forget whether Send is on or off. This will be addressed in an future update:

1. A more prominent Send on/off visual indicator.

2. MIDI control of jammr (toggle Send, vote +1, etc).
My recommendation is to make it simple. make the button say something like “You are currently sending audio” or “You are currently not sending audio”

Words instead of a color or shade would make the UX friendlier
I Disagree having an entire sentence in a button makes the button on the interface to big to accomatde the text
i prefer color over text.
Most Daws use Red when a track is armed and Green as playback so maybe something along those lines
you could also get the button to change the title of the window status to display those messages which i think would be ok.
I have a few different ideas myself that I'm thinking about.

I'll create mockups so we can discuss them. We can have a vote to find the most popular design.
User experience is very tricky and I love the idea of polling us for feedback! Already we can combine all feedback:

1. Make the button more prominent, maybe that doesn't mean it has to be larger
2. Add helpful text that reads the state of the button
3. Incorporate colors as per the standardized way DAWs render them on screen.

Don't hesitate to include me in any ALPA or BETA or polling at any point. I love Jammr and happy to contribute any way I can to make it even better.
Having seen it on both platforms, I will note that it's pretty visible & it's obvious what is going on in Windows.

But on Macs the on/off distinction is so faint it is very difficult to see. We've had that issue in a couple of our jams with Mac users. They think it's on but it's not.

(And IIRC, color/white is reversed on mac vs pc… White means OFF on one but ON on the other…)
Coming Soon!!!
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