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Hi there,
I don't know how much of an effort it is but I'd reaaly like if ASIO-Drivers were supported by jammr.
Unfortunately ASIO's license is not compatible with the jammr client's open source GPL license. Many open source projects are affected. For example, here is Audacity's explanation.

This means ASIO versions of jammr are not expected unless Steinberg change their license.

The trend has been for soundcards to come with WDMKS drivers, which are supported by jammr and provide low-latency. ASIO is becoming less relevant since WDMKS is part of Windows and eliminates the need for ASIO. Are you sure you need ASIO and don't have WDMKS drivers for your soundcard?
My soundcard does have other drivers but ASIO would be a nice to have since my soundcard's driver lacks some features under Windows 10.
would having a usb audio interface with its own driver work?
ilkin76: Usually third-party drivers on Windows will work using “WDM-KS” or “WASAPI” audio system settings in jammr.
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