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Hi guys, I am strugling to use Guitar rig 5 VST in jammr. I have been able to load the VST, I could hear it but I can't route the input to it. If I run it as a stand alone application it has its own menu were I could set the input as I wish but not in jammr. I had one idea to try it in stand alone and rout it by JACK but it seems that JACK can't run on El Capitan?! What to do ???

Maybe this is to basic but I still can't solve it. I tried and tried but can't get it work.
Please help!

Are you loading Guitar rig in Jammr or as a standalone?
Hi Jay, well I tried both but mostly as a VST in Jammr. Directly when I add the VST the sound disappear. If I change the routing to mix or bypass I get the sound back. I have tried several settings for input and output device but I think it is the input that is the problem. I could get Guitar rig to make some noice that I could hear.

Hi bodal,
Please make sure your dry guitar signal is audible and sounds normal when you are in a jam session without the VST loaded.

When you load the VST plugin, make sure to leave the default routing setting. “Mix” and “bypass” don't do what you want. “Mix” is intended for people who combine an audio input with a virtual instrument (e.g. MIDI keyboard controller plus acoustic guitar). “Bypass” disables the VST so you just hear the dry input signal.

Do you see GuitarRig's input meter move when you strum your guitar?

Are there any input options (e.g. mono/stereo) in GuitarRig that you can tweak?

GuitarRig has been tested successfully with jammr in the past but it was probably an older Mac OS and GuitarRig version. Which Mac OS and GuitarRig version are you using?

I have been using Jack for Mac together with MainStage and Garageband. I route the audio from system input -> MainStage -> Garageband -> jammr -> system output. It's a slightly complex but flexible way to combine standalone audio apps.

Please also check that “Play back my audio” is checked in jammr's sound settings.

The Send button must be pressed (gray) if you want other users to hear you.
Hi Stefan and many thanks for your comprehancive answer. Sadly nothing helps.
Everything works as intended when before I add GuitarRig VST.
I leave the routing as you say, IF I change to Mix or bypass I hear the dry signal
No the GuitarRigĀ“s input meter does not indicate any input.
No in GuitarRig loaded as a VST I can't find any settings at all.
I run macOS 10.12 and GuitarRig 5.2.2
Well I tried to use Jack also but it was not compatible to my 10.12
and Yes, Play back is checked ….

Anything else I could try?
Sorry to hear it is not working. I'll try to give macOS 10.12 and GuitarRig 5.2.2 a try soon to find out if there is a solution.
Super, thanks Stefan!

I installed macOS Sierra (10.12) and also find JACK for OS X no longer works.

I'll give GuitarRig 5 a spin soon.
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