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Hey all, new to this platform but not to jamming. Love the online idea. Are there any regular bluegrass jams that people know of?
I am also new and interested in any bluegrass and/or old time jams. Did you ever find any?
You are the first reply! We need to get more people interested!
absolutely! I am still having troubles with connecting, probably sth to do with internet speed/restrictions over here (based in China). Will let you know how it goes
Would be interested to give it a try with a bluegrass jam. I play hammered dulcimer which sounds good with guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, etc.
I would be interested. I jam twice a month with a bluegrass group, but we're cancelled. This would be a nice way to continue. Let me know when.
Hi, yes, I'd like to try jamming…I'm new to this on-line method but could manage old-time slow bluegrass type stuff…..I'm in Wales, UK so maybe the time differences will make things difficult.
Looking for a bluegrass jam. I play banjo and mandolin.
Hi y'all,

I'm living in France and confined…

I'm a bluegrass Banjo picker 2 & 3-finger styles. I'm looking about jammr to organize musical jams not only bluegrass, but accoustic stuff for french social events.


Pierre Bastide
Yep - I'm also missing my regular bluegrass jams. How about something around 17.00 UTC? This would suit most in the western hemisphere (is thers such a thing?)
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