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Full Version: Not able to create new jam, 499 error
Root » Technical support » Not able to create new jam, 499 error
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I am getting a 499 error suggesting I have no internet, I am connected at 500mbs with 40 upload tested with Speedtest. Is there currently an issue with your servers
Got this same messege myself Stef when trying to create a private jam
the cursor just turns into a spinning disc and low and behold after waiting for it to stop timing out there was someone in my private jam even before i set access permisions some serious bugs going on there.
I'm getting this error message also. Glad to see it wasn't just me, I'm a first time user trying to get it set up to play some Quarantunes with friends!
I also am getting this message when clicking “New Jam”. This is also my first attempt. Wondering if the shelter-at-home order has created too big of a load on the servers.
Are you still seeing errors? Changes have been made to handle the increased load.
this problem still exists…… not possible to start “new jam”

“Unable to create jam due the networkfailure (error499). PLease ensure you are connected to the internet and try again.”
I get the same error. Help thank you!
Thanks for reporting it. I have updated the software to allow more jam sessions.
I suspect there will be many more people trying to use software like this to collaborate due to the coronavirus quarantines. Seeing the same issue today attempting to test this out to see if our band can use it.
Hi, we're trying to test this out for Irish sessions now that there are none… but are also getting the 499 error. I'm still not 100% sure if this can work for us with Irish music, has anyone tried it? Thanks!
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